Competition Promotion and Consumer Protection Directorate(CPCPD)
Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Afghanistan
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Message from the Minister

Brief introduction of the CPCPD

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Competition is the essence of market economy. Global experience has shown that effective competition has been led to successful economic growth, thereby reducing poverty through market efficiencies and innovations. The Afghanistan constitution makers therefore prescribed market economy as a model. To meet the constitutional aspiration, we need to have a system that encourages the efficiency in question on the principles of competition amongst businesses. Read More
Message from the Director
Building an investment climate in a country that is gradually recovering from war is a huge task. Article 10 of our constitution, provides that we have a market economy, and under Article 13, the Government is assigned with the responsibility to regulate markets for the benefit of majority businesses. Read More


Vision: Creating and developing a competitive marketplace that avoids from any monopoly, compromise and abuse of dominant position in the market that businessman do their activities legally and enter and exit freely from relevant market.

Also in consumer protection field in market to secure consumer’s rights, consumer should have access to necessary advertisement to have logically choice and the information that sellers provide about goods and services to consumers must be accurate, and about this information they must have legal responsibility, to ensure from non-existence of deception and fraud in business transactions.

Principles: promotion of good competition among business in market economy framework, and pave the ground of welfare, comfort and safety for consumers in the country.

Mission: The mission of this directorate are planning, implementation and developing of Policies and regulatory affairs of consumer and competition protection. That it follows the following core value points:

Core values points:

Promotion the culture of consumer protection:

Creating an environment that brings citizens together to a new point of view that we are all consumers, we pay to achieve goods and services and these goods and services must meet national, regional and international standards.

Promotion of fair competition:

Creating and developing a competitive marketplace which in that competition is based on supply and demand, and both traders and consumers use from those beneficiaries.

Target: The competition promotion and consumer protection directorate has been created to manage, lead and regulate competition promotion and consumer protection affairs to standardize and improve business transaction in market.

Activities/ Achievements:

Competition promotion and consumer protection directorate carried out the following activities and run up its duties according to a work plan:

In consumer protection section:

Implementation of national consumer protection Policy, implementation of consumer protection law , designed and implementation of commercial advertisement regulation, implementation of survey and handling consumer complaints procedure, implementation commission of prevention from production procedure, import and supply of fraudulence, deception and inequality goods commission, this mentioned commission works in capital and 20 other provinces of the country.

Implementation of consumer protection Association activities procedure, Designed and implementation of public awareness and publish the information procedure, designing and implementing to prevent and monitor from sales of non-standard goods.

In competition promotion section:

The basic draft of national competition Policy has been designed and it’s in legalization process.

Draft of new competition protection law(amendment , removal some part of competition protection law) has been designed and forwarded to relevant authority for next performance.

Competition promotion and consumer protection directorate have following activities in national level according to ministry instruction:

Afg food security nutrition, supreme commission on Air pollution prevention, National committee  on climate change, Environmental impact on social  assessment committee ,Food safety national Board, supreme leading commission for strategic reserve creation, National Nuclear safety committee, slaughter house build committee , National Ozone committee , Agriculture pesticides committee , plant protection and plant Quarantine committee, committee on incorporation of the Nagoya protocol to convention of Biological diversity, Halal standards establishment committee , review and analysis of production planning committee, monitoring of implementation of international health regulation committee , Breastfeeding child committee ,Food fortification National  Board( Flour , wheat and edible oil).

Lesson Learning:

This directorate has found that by adapting the consumer and competition protection Policies and regulatory affairs it will be realized specific changes in standardization of market, and market will be change in both consumers and enterprisers benefits.

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