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Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Afghanistan
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Building an investment climate in a country that is gradually recovering from war is a huge task. Article 10 of our constitution, provides that we have a market economy, and under Article 11, the Government is assigned with the responsibility to regulate markets for the benefit of majority businesses.

In a market led economy, the resource allocation becomes efficient and the consumers benefit by way of lower price, better quality and even better services. However, this can only happen if the markets compete fairly.

In Afghanistan, where poverty is affecting a large portion of the population, even the smallest variations in prices have a strong effect on the purchasing power and negative implications on the livelihoods of people. We understand some of the reasons for rising prices are not necessarily forces of demand and supply, but unfair business practices such as cartels. There is thus a need to implement measures to shield consumers from the worst consequences of sudden vagaries in supply and efforts at deliberate market manipulation.

If we wish to base the economic development on market principles and the process of competition, such as envisioned by the Article 10 of the Afghanistan Constitution the adoption of a competition law that prohibits anti-competitive practices is the way forward. The existence of such a law shall provide a clear and unequivocal signal to all stakeholders: that competition is a benefit to society as a whole and is something that enhances consumer and producer welfare, in a fair and equitable manner.

I believe through this website, we will be able to communicate with all stakeholders towards strengthening the cause for better, efficient and responsive economic governance in Afghanistan for the betterment of every Afghan.

Hafizullah Walirahimi


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