Competition Promotion and Consumer Protection Directorate(CPCPD)
Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Afghanistan
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Message from the Minister


Competition is the essence of market economy. Global experience has shown that effective competition has led to successful economic growth, thereby reducing poverty through market efficiencies and innovations. TheAfghanistanconstitution framers prescribed market economy as a model. To meet the constitutional aspiration, we need to have a system that encourages the efficiency in question on the principles of competition amongst businesses. Therefore, the Ministry of Commerce and Industries established a Competition Promotion and Consumer Protection Directorate (CPCPD) in 2010 to ensure that there is free and fair trade and that consumers are protected.

Following the establishment of CPCPD and yet to be the National Competition Board (NCB), the nation will have one of the most conducive market environments in the region to attract increased investments. I am happy to note that the competition and consumer laws have been developed. Competition and Consumer policies have also been drafted that aim to support the spirit behind the laws governing the broader economic goals of the nation.

To say the least, I would like to appeal for your concerted effort and hard work so that together we can surmount the present and future challenges. To attain this desire, there is a need for active participation of all stakeholders. In this regard, I wish the team at CPCPD every success in their effort towards a sustainable economic future ofAfghanistan. I also wish to congratulate the Directorate on the remarkable progress it has made so far.

Humayoon Rasaw.


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